Armani Couture SS24
Armani Couture SS24

'Giorgio Armani operations' is in receivership for labor exploitation

Bonjour fashion lovers.

According to the investigation by the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office, the Armani Group company contracted out the production of bags and accessories to companies that, lacking the production capacity, in turn relied on illegal factories that used illegal and undeclared Chinese labor, with grueling working hours (14 hours is mentioned) and very low hourly wages.

The factories involved were found to be illegal, with labor employed illegally and under working conditions that did not comply with Italian regulations, with some workers lacking residence permits.
But the violations found also concerned occupational safety, with serious failures such as failure to provide health surveillance and training, plus some were housed in illegal dormitories, with sanitary conditions below minimum ethical standards.

The company states in an official statement, "We will cooperate with maximum transparency." 

What will happen? What will be the impact on product sales, if any. 


Emanuela Formoso
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