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Chiara Ferragni - The King Midas of social - is back


Bonjour fashion lovers.

The King Midas of social and communication is back. 
I knew it would happen, I predicted it, and I also knew that she would rise up stronger than before.

Chiara Ferragni, after the scandal of the Balocco Pandoro and Easter eggs, after the Antitrust fine for misleading advertising, after the controversy over the apology video in which she appeared disheveled and very tried, after days of social silence, is back on her instagram profile with an IG story in which she tells her followers that she missed them and asks how they are. 

Why this choice?   Why come back with a simple IG story? The choice is smart and concrete.

A tiptoeing return that will allow her and her new communications agency (among the best in the world) to gauge the mood of those who follow and love her and those who, while not following and loving her, are either intrigued or driven by inexplicable social hatred. 
A smart and careful move (I expected this from the beginning) that will allow her to decide her next steps. 

There is no doubt that mistake after mistake has been made, and there is no doubt that her powerful social credibility and power has suffered a crack. A crack that led her to entrust communication (she, the undisputed queen of communication and owner of TBS Crew) to rely on an external agency.

As I write to you she has just published more IG stories in which, always stylish, she is company with her daughter Vittoria and her mother. 
Another smart and effective choice: the power of family warmth and serenity. Not to mention that Vittoria is madly loved online 

But there is no doubt that she will be able to mend that crack, it will take time, but Chiara will succeed. 
Let's not forget that She invented a job, yes because it's a real job (boomers and social media haters can come to terms with it). She invented a new way of communicating and telling the fashion story through photos and videos posted on Flickr since 2007, through the blog THE BLONDE SALAD founded in 2009 (now turned into a fashion magazine), and through IG and TikTok now.

Chiara managed to build a strong and loyal community by narrating her life, becoming increasingly glamorous, stylish, and enviable with a touch of naturalness and complicity that her followers adore. The younger ones want to be like her and hang on to her every word. The older ones are fascinated by her being an entrepreneur and a mother.

At the same time, she has created, like few others, a parallel community of haters. I believe she was the first influencer (I know she doesn't like to be labeled that way, but in this part of the discussion, I can't help it) to have a hate site dedicated to her. Haters who don't understand her success, consider her just a lucky and untalented woman, and enjoyed her missteps while wrongly predicting her downfall.

Why were they wrong? Because only Chiara Ferragni managed to generate a business turnover of $36 million with her wedding (source: Launchmetrics). Only Chiara Ferragni managed to increase the TODs group stock by 14% after joining the Board of Directors. Only Chiara Ferragni managed to earn Dior €9.3 million in media impact value and around €3 million for Schiaparelli (source: Launchmetrics).

Let's not forget that her brand, born in 2013 and bearing her name, allows her to generate a turnover of 40 million euros.
Let's not forget that every post, video, reel, or story of hers generates money for the companies permanently associated with her, such as Pantene, Lancome, Vuitton, Dior (to name a few), or sporadically, like Falconeri. 
How come no brand has abandoned her? (Only Safilo, which produced its own glasses).

It's entirely unthinkable that this empire could crumble; those who believe or hope so have no understanding of the social media world and how it operates.

The crack created by the Pandoro scandal won't bring down the Midas King; it's just a slip from which she is recovering and will learn that perhaps, too much confidence can sometimes be a bad advisor.

Believe me King Midas will continue to turn everything she touches in the social world into gold!

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