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The “I Told Ya” T-shirt worn by Zendaya in the film Challengers and on some promotional occasions has been a big hit, becoming a cult item sought after by fans. Its special feature is that she was not the only celebrity to wear it: John F. Kennedy Jr., son of the former U.S. president, was also photographed wearing an identical T-shirt in the 1990s.

The T-shirt worn by both have the same black inscription “I Told Ya.” The font is similar and the message is the same.

 It is assumed that Kennedy Jr. wore the T-shirt "I told ya" as a reference to his father’s 1960 presidential election campaign, whose slogan was “I Told You So”. It could also be a tribute to the father himself.

Jonathan Anderson, Loewe’s fashion designer and costume designer of the film Challengers, said he was inspired by John F. Kennedy Jr.’s style when creating the T-shirt worn by Zendaya in the film.

Both Zendaya and Kennedy Jr. are considered style icons who embody a youthful and refined kind of cool. The t-shirt, with its bold and confident message, could be seen as a way of reinforcing this shared image and conveying a message of self-assurance and empowerment.
the "I TOLD YA" t-shirt has become a symbol of confidence, style, and a shared generational connection.

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