Bonjour fashion lovers!

On weekends my husband and I focus on our future projects. It is a promise we made as soon as we decided to live together.

Slowly all our projects are coming true. We have just made one (which I will talk about shortly) and are we ready for the next one? Which? Move permanently to my Paris.

I already know the type of apartment I want and where to live with Vanni and Tobia. Those who follow me on instagram know that I am obsessed with the Haussmannian style and my choice can only fall on it.

Today I show you an apartment located in the very center of Paris, a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe
Ohhh its herringbone parquet! And then the white walls with the moldings and fireplaces!
215 square meters of pure beauty!
Ahh I forgot ... the cost is € 4,750,000 EUR 

Do you like it?


Emanuela Formoso
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