In love with the new Fiat Topolino

Bonjour fashion lovers!

In this summer 2023, which promises to be among the hottest of all, how can we travel without losing the joy of doing so? 
How to be able to be cool and fresh during the whole trip (whether short or long, it doesn't matter)? 

The answer is simple! Let's travel with the new and irresistible Fiat Topolino, the versatile, stylish travel companion for small and big adventures.

I can totally see myself with her, my hubby (a big motor enthusiast) and our westie as we speed (obeying the highway code) through the streets of our Bella Italia!

And also, how cool is the idea of having a small "shower" inside it? 

I fell in love with it at first sight. 
How about you?

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Emanuela Formoso
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