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Are you thinking of getting married and maybe you have already heard of Alberobello?
The town of trulli, is located in Apulia, in the southern of Italy.
These days Dolce and Gabbana have chosen it to present their latest wonderful collection.

But, what Trulli are?
White cone-shaped buildings, a Unesco heritage site.
The white of the trulli contrasts with the blue sky typical of Apulia.

The luxurious masserias in the area could be the ideal venue for a glamorous and trendy wedding.
In a typical setting full of tradition, of illuminations, popular music, good food and good wine, we imagine a bride wearing iconic pieces that have made fashion history.

From the simplicity and absolute refinement of a 2000s long dress to the choice of timeless ivory lace by Dolce & Gabbana.
You agree on reviving beautiful vintage wedding dresses that are definitely current?

We find them extremely glamorous and timeless.

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Michela Savino
Concept Wedding Designer
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