Welcome to my new "The fashion lover" site

Bonjour fashion lovers!

If you are here you have already realized that my new site is online and I welcome you. 
Today is a very special day for me. 
I have been living the last months of my life between hospitalizations, surgeries, rehabilitations.  It was during one of the many boring Sundays in the clinic that Leonardo (my super web master) said to me, "Your return to normal life must have a powerful symbol that represents you more than ever."

 Listening to his words and considering the great and growing social success of TheFashionLover (I love you for that and for how you stood by me during difficult times) I thought it was time to move from a "ready to wear" to a "couture dress." 

I'm leaving the old site that kept me company from 2017 to April 2023 (which you can visit whenever you feel nostalgic about it by clicking here: My memories ) and giving myself this new precious jewel. 

A jewel, a couture dress that represents and tells about my new me, more and more cool, more and more Parisian, more and more determined.


Ps: at least once you have to admire my new site from the computer! It's disarmingly beautiful! 

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