Silvio Berlusconi has died

Bonjour fashion lovers.

Berlusconi has died at the age of 86.

Here I don't want to talk about politics but about his style.
He was certainly one of the most talked about men.
His outfits, designed by Miti Simonetto, were always the object of attention.

For decades he was faithful to the classic blue double-breasted Caraceni suit, with a blue E. Marinella tie with small polka dots.
As the years went by, he wanted to go older and older, and we saw him in the summer with a white bandana tied on his head, pants and unbuttoned white shirt.

In winter he alternated the classic wool baseball cap with the Borsalino model (always and only blue).

Increasingly he opted for a dark T-shirt under his jacket or with cashmere crew-neck over pullovers.

His desire to modernize had also led him to some cosmetic surgery (which he never denied).

Definitely a man who did not go unnoticed.


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Emanuela Formoso
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