Adieu ma merveilleuse Jane Birkin

Bonjour fashion lovers.

What sad news!

The actress, singer, and timeless style icon Jane Birkin has died at the age of 76 in Paris. 

She was histrionic, elegant, revolutionary and incredibly Parisian despite being of British descent. 
None like her perfectly embodied that much-loved and much-copied Parisian mood. 
All she needed was a pair of jeans, a shirt, and a simple T-shirt to be naturally chic.

On her face her bangs were perfect (how many women and girls have copied her and will continue to do so). 

With her, the straw basket bag became a must have: she carried it with her in winter, in summer, wearing a casual or elegant look. I, too, bought it and wear it with Jane in mind (hoping to steal that Parisian mood I love so much).

Let's not forget the scandalous song "Je t' non plus" sung with her husband Serge Gainsbourg (their sighs made such a scandal). 

And then...there is the iconic Hermes Birkin bag, an unattainable object of desire for many women.
How many women can say they have given their name to a bag that has entered fashion history?
Jane Birkin had that privilege and we have had the privilege of knowing her, loving her, envying her and now remembering her. 


Emanuela Formoso
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