Valentino fall 2024

Bonjour fashion lovers.

Black is a color in itself, summing up and consuming all others.
(Henri Matisse)

Pier Paolo Piccioli has made this statement by Matisse his own by creating a hard chic ready-to-wear collection for winter 24/25. 

A collection where we find the sartorial mastery and elusive elegance of the Valentino couture collection "Le Salon" presented in Paris. A thin file rouge connects all of Pier Paolo Piccioli's collections: there is a single plot that is developed in the different creations and details. 

I cannot deny that, being a lifelong black addict myself, I was literally thunderstruck by the Valentino Le Noir collection

I immediately loved the impeccably austere silhouette of the masculine-cut overcoat, the trouser-shaped jumpsuit with trompe l'oeil pleats, the t-shirt with padded shoulders, the vaporous tulle skirt, the organza blouse with vertical ruffles. the soft and impalpable blouses and the nude that is never vulgar, but tells about the female body as few designers know how to do. 

Pier Paolo PIccioli's unmistakable touch for Valentino is unique and unmistakable and this is what makes us love him unconditionally.

Emanuela Formoso
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