Jacquemus "Le Mariage" collection

Bonjour fashion lovers.

Wedding season is around the corner.

It's true that I no longer work as a wedding planner. After 12 years, I decided to focus solely on the fashion world with The Fashion Lover. However, my love for the glamorous side of weddings remains, and I will continue to share it with you.

Let's get started!

Have you received an invitation yet?

Have you already set a date for your wedding?

Do you have a stylish and unconventional spirit?

Jacquemus has the answer to all your doubts and desires. Yes, for the first time ever, Simon Porte has created a collection called "Le Mariage" that captures the irresistible essence of Jacquemus.

There are dresses and accessories for brides, grooms, parents, guests, and bridesmaids.

We have the traditional white color, but also my beloved black (I, breaking all the rules on the subject, have always worn black dresses with important details to weddings, and I love this choice by Jacquemus) and also red for the bridesmaids.

The straw bags (Le petit Panier), the wide-brimmed hats, and the iconic Jacquemus bags are a must: le Bambino, le Ciquito, and Le Petit Calino.

For the day before or after, don't forget to have fun, perhaps by the pool, with towels in the same style as your outfit.

Let the Jacquemus-themed party begin!

The Jacquemus "La Mariage" collection is available for purchase on the Jacquemus website and at select retailers.



Emanuela Formoso
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